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About Me...

​ I am a licensed counselor and owner of Covenant Care Counseling Center LLC, a private practice outpatient counseling agency in Beloit, WI.  I have been working in the mental health field for more than 7 years. I earned two Master' Degrees in 2017 & 2019 in School & Professional Counseling from Mequon, Wisconsin, and Curriculum & Instruction with an emphasis in Trauma and Resilience from Seward, Nebraska.​ I am known for my ability to teach, supervise, coach, and provide training in various areas pertaining to children, youth, and their families. Because of my training and teaching abilities, I have made a tremendous impact in my community by reducing the stigma of people of color who seek mental health treatment.


​I am passionate about discussing mental health and wellness. I have had a broad range of public speaking experiences including community events, radio and preaching, women’s empowerment groups and panel discussions, church and school settings, and collaborations with mental health advocacy organizations and non-profit community organizations. With my highly diverse clinical experiences and training in adult, child, and adolescent, I am able to discuss a broad range of topics.​You are in the right place if you are a woman of color looking for a safe space to talk about feelings and all the stuff we’ve been conditioned to mask and hide.


I have a particular interest and expertise in treating Racial Trauma and the effects trauma has on interpersonal/intrapersonal distress, grief and loss, physical health conditions/illnesses, and mood disturbances.​​I’m here to hold space for women of color who need to know it’s okay not to be okay and who want to heal from childhood, relational and racial trauma, sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, sexual assault, work-related posttraumatic stress, and race-based trauma. Additionally, I have expertise in Restorative Practices, Educating children of color, and the effects of trauma in the classroom.  


​ I also offer coaching, supervision, consultation, and program design and development. Through coaching/consultation, speaking engagements, an educator, and Senior Pastor.  My passion is to provide emotional support, education, information, and inspiration to empower people who are experiencing emotional distress, feelings of low self-worth, and feeling “stuck” in their current life circumstances to rewrite their life story by embracing new possibilities and discover and uncover qualities they never thought they had!​​  

Remember... Your right now is NOT your from now on!!!

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